CT Bone Biopsy Pre-Op Work

There is a bunch of pre-op work needed for the CT Bone Biopsy. Cedar’s hospital policy requires COVID testing for all anesthesia procedures, so I went first thing on Tuesday morning for the drive-thru COVID test. The nasal swab is as unpleasant as you’d expect. No news is good news – I’ll only get aContinue reading “CT Bone Biopsy Pre-Op Work”

And so it begins…

My work life at Liquid IV this past year has been immensely hectic and stressful, but ultimately culminates in its successful acquisition by Unilever. October 1st marks the day of immense change and the beginning of facing the reality of my new life. I’ve been putting my life and diagnosis on hold waiting for theContinue reading “And so it begins…”


What do you need to know? I am someone who has been given the spiritual gift of administration –kubernesis and I’d like to help as many people as possible, especially struggling individuals, small businesses and nonprofits. We are living in unprecedented times and so many people are dealing with unemployment, natural disasters, political and economic uncertaintyContinue reading “Introduction”