Monthly Review: Aug 2022

Praises & Highlights

  • Injection & Bloodwork. Praise that blood draws in my right arm has been easier and more cooperative – 8/24
  • Chiro Appointment: Praise – has been super helpful with neck pains – 8/24
  • ERP Project: First week of working 12+ hour days – 8/29-9/2
  • Company Wellness – Life Coach, $5K Bonus
  • Reading the Word via Bible Project app – 8/30
  • Manageable side effects-to-date – 8/30

Prayer Requests for September

  • ERP Project – busy schedule, early and long meetings. One month left to implementation. Pray for strength and rest, as I foresee many 12+ hour days to get this project finished
  • Plantar fasciitis: Praise the orthotic insoles have been helpful. Pray for continued healing
  • Insurance Coverage Denial: Gene Panel from when I was first diagnosed in 2020 has been denied coverage for not being medically necessary. It has been reviewed and appealed several times. Pray for God’s favor in the independent medical review
  • Easy Bloodwork – Always using the same vein and tougher to get good draws
  • High blood pressure – Pray for continued effectiveness and healthy habits. Feet swelling and inflammation is side effect of medication that may be contributing the plantar fasciitis. Pray for limited side effects.

Recommendations on what to read, watch, learn or do next?

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