Today social media is filled with black screens as an outcry for justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless Black lives lost to police brutality, racial profiling and and discrimination. This is the day to listen and amplify voices of Black artists, leaders and members of our community. I’ve thought extensively throughout the dayContinue reading “#blackouttuesday”

How should companies respond to the protests?

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is That Good Men Do Nothing. Over the weekend, companies have responded to protests happening through the country over George Flynn and racial injustice. There are times in history when words matter and others when silence means more. Now is that time. Ben & Jerry’s NikeContinue reading “How should companies respond to the protests?”

My lettuce keeps wilting before I can eat them. How can I stop that from happening?

Fresh fruits and vegetables will naturally ripen and wilt over time. Here are some suggestions for extending their shelf life to prevent food waste and save money Main Factors to Mitigate Time: Fresh fruits and vegetables don’t last forever. Only buy the amount you can realistically consume in 1-2 weeks. Depending on the produce, thereContinue reading “My lettuce keeps wilting before I can eat them. How can I stop that from happening?”


What do you need to know? I am someone who has been given the spiritual gift of administration –kubernesis and I’d like to help as many people as possible, especially struggling individuals, small businesses and nonprofits. We are living in unprecedented times and so many people are dealing with unemployment, natural disasters, political and economic uncertaintyContinue reading “Introduction”