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Monthly Review: Jul 2022

Praises & Highlights Long Weekend: Enjoyed extra-long 4th of July holiday – 7/2-7/4 Bought New Taylor Guitar. Nice to pick-up the guitar again – 7/24 Chiro Appointment – Confirmed plantar fasciitis. May get special insoles or orthotics – 7/25 Infusion, Injection and Bloodwork. Short appointment, only 1.5 hrs, since the bloodwork came back quickly –Continue reading “Monthly Review: Jul 2022”

Monthly Review: Jan 2022

Praises & Highlights UPC Prayer – 1/10 PET Scan: Previous liver area activity resolved; Further tumor reduction confirmed with SUV (standardized uptake value) drop from 4 to 2. No new metabolic abnormalities to indicate presence of active metastatic disease – 1/13 Dr Follow-up: Still have high blood pressure and increased med dosage – 1/24 Dentist:Continue reading “Monthly Review: Jan 2022”

Top Books & Shows 2021

I’ve read and watched a lot this year. Here are my top recommendations: Audiobooks Real Books TV Series Binge-Favorites: Completed Series to watch from beginning to end

Monthly Review: Dec 2021

Praises & Highlights Praise – Chiropractor: Last Visit Until Needed Again – 12/6 Monthly UPC Prayer Meeting – 12/6 Praise – Booster Shot w/No Side Effects – 12/14 Visit Fresno for Christmas – 12/19-12/26 Company Wellness – Flex Fridays (4 hrs), Generous Holiday Gift Box, YE Bonus Reading the Word via Bible Project app –Continue reading “Monthly Review: Dec 2021”

Monthly Review: Nov 2021

Praises & Highlights Praise – Chiroporator: De Quervain’s tenosynovitis – Fully healed – 11/8 Monthly UPC Prayer Meeting – 11/8 Praise: Vitamin D – Back to healthy range – 11/18 PCC CG Friendsgiving – 11/25 Company Wellness – Flex Fridays (4 hrs), $1K Office Stipend, Bonus Pay, 11/24 Off Reading the Word via Bible ProjectContinue reading “Monthly Review: Nov 2021”


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