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Monthly Review: Jun 2021

Praises & Highlights Quarterly infusion – 6/3 Monthly Prayer Meeting – 6/14 Chiropractor diagnosed De Quervain’s tenosynovitis for wrist. Got new wrist brace with better thumb support – 6/21 Company Wellness / Holidays – Juneteenth + Summer Fridays (4 hrs) Reading the Word via Bible Project app – 6/30 Minimal side effects-to-date – 6/30 PrayerContinue reading “Monthly Review: Jun 2021”

Best Breakfast Spots in LA

I’ve been asked to share some of my favorite spots in LA. I’ll start with my favorite meal of the day: breakfast. The list will include burritos, tacos, sandwiches, and brunch spots Cerveteca Culver City – Breakfast Burrito Clementine – Breakfast Sandwich HomeState (multiple locations) – Breakfast Tacos Tacos Villa Corona – Breakfast Burrito ProofContinue reading “Best Breakfast Spots in LA”

Monthly Review: Apr 2021

Answered Prayers & Praises Fully Vaccinated (Pfizer) 4/6, 4/28 – 1st – sore arm; 2nd – COVID arm 1st Post-Treatment Ultrasound, Mammogram confirms decreased size – 4/15 Clean Abdominal CT Scan – 4/20 Oncologist pleased with progress. Follow-up every bimonthly v monthly – 4/28 Company Bonus Payout – 4/28 Reading the Word via Bible ProjectContinue reading “Monthly Review: Apr 2021”

Healthcare Costs 2.0

Time for an update on my healthcare costs. Here is the breakdown Total Cost Patient Cost Exam & Scan  $          113,727.65  $             11,193.37 Medications  $            89,816.28  $               3,547.73 Dr Visit  $              4,108.61  $               1,646.07 Bloodwork  $              1,985.47  $                  119.91 Medical Equipment  $               1,635.61 Immunizations  $                         –    $                          –   Grand Total  $          209,638.01  $             18,142.69 AsContinue reading “Healthcare Costs 2.0”

Back to Work

It’s official – I’m going back to work. My first day back will be Tuesday, Feb 16th. While everyone will be coming back from the three day President’s Day Weekend, I’ll be jumping back to the 9-5 grind after a three month leave. This is a good first step though to going back to normalContinue reading “Back to Work”

Monthly Review: Jan 2021

Answered Prayers & Praises Joined Be The Bridge FaceBook Group – 1/9/2021 Insurance Medication Issue Resolved – 1/19/2021 Visible Tumor Shrinkage – 1/31/2021 Reading the Word via Bible Project app – 1/31/2021 No side effects-to-date – 1/31/2021 Recommendations on what to read, watch, learn or do next? Any of the stuff I’ve done this monthContinue reading “Monthly Review: Jan 2021”


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