Pre-Existing Conditions

I’ve encountered my first experience with pre-existing conditions. On Feb 14th, I will have used up the short-term disability insurance coverage and should switch over to long-term disability coverage. Although I didn’t start medical leave until November, I was diagnosed 2 weeks prior to the start of the insurance coverage in October. I am stillContinue reading “Pre-Existing Conditions”

Monthly Review: Dec 2020

Answered Prayers & Praises Found Cancer Support Group – 12/7/2020 Cancer Treatment Deferment >> 0% Student Loans – 12/3/2020 EDD Disability Payments Non-taxable – 12/10/2020 Postmates $250 Gift – 12/9/2020 No side effects so far – 12/31/2020 Recommendations on what to read, watch or learn next?

Healthcare Costs

Being a finance nerd, how else would I spend my time off? Analyze my healthcare costs with pivot table. Here are the breakdown of costs since my cancer diagnosis (as of Dec 2020). Procedure Total Cost Patient Cost Exam & Scan  $         81,255.70  $               9,514.39 Medications  $         30,747.91  $                  284.78 Dr Visit  $           2,242.61  $                 Continue reading “Healthcare Costs”

Advent 2020

This is what my advent calendar looks like this year. Advent calendars typically count the days to Christmas and I’m counting down the first month of treatment. As I think about Advent, the season of waiting and hoping for the coming of Christ, it parallels my life right now. We hope because we know thatContinue reading “Advent 2020”

Thanksgiving 2020

2020 has been an emotional year for all and my life especially the past few months have been filled with uncertainty and turmoil. When I reflect back upon this year, there are many things to praise and many things to grieve. 22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;[a]    his mercies never come to an end;23 they are new everyContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2020”

Asian Therapy

Crazy Rich Asians show something so simply, yet iconic and identifiable for all so many Asians – folding dumplings. One of the first things I’ve done during my leave is make dumplings with my mom. There’s a reason all Asian cultures fold these little guys – it’s culture, history and therapy all in one. There’sContinue reading “Asian Therapy”

Medical Leave

I officially start medical leave this week and will be off work for the next 6 months. Last Monday I started anti-hormonal therapy with injection and infusion, which reduces ovarian estrogen levels and treats calcium levels for metastatic cancers respectively. Next week, I’ll start the targeted therapy pills that work best when estrogen levels areContinue reading “Medical Leave”

Bone Biopsy Results

The bone biopsy results scan came back. The biopsy of my Left Ilium confirmed the spread and showed the cells were the same profile: Estrogen+, Progesterone+, HER2-. The treatment plan will be starting with various targeted therapies, anti-hormone and CDK-inhibitors. Although this treatment won’t be as draining as chemo, next week will likely be lastContinue reading “Bone Biopsy Results”

Scan Saga II

Today I had the CT-guided bone biopsy. Leiman came bright and early to pick me up at 6AM. We had good chat about Lunchclub. If anyone wants an invite, let me know. I’ve met some pretty amazing people there. We made it to Cedar’s right on time ~6:30AM. For biopsy, I changed into gowns andContinue reading “Scan Saga II”


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