Advent 2020

This is what my advent calendar looks like this year. Advent calendars typically count the days to Christmas and I’m counting down the first month of treatment. As I think about Advent, the season of waiting and hoping for the coming of Christ, it parallels my life right now. We hope because we know that that things are not the way they’re suppose to be. The shortest verse in the whole Bible, Jesus wept (Jn 11:35), shows that death, pain, brokenness, hardship and suffering was not part of the plan. We weep and mourn when we lose something. For me, whatever I had envisioned for my life previously is now completely out the window: my life, my health, my job/career, my lifelihood, my future family. I’ll be studying Job in greater detail as this man had everything taken away from him. The question now – is God enough? I’m still wrestling with that question, but I do believe He is. There are so many frivolous pursuits to fill up my time and it’s clear that I now need to focus on things that matter. What does that look like and what does that mean for me?

2 thoughts on “Advent 2020

  1. Hi Winnie!

    So good to see you tonight at the prayer meeting!

    Since you are studying the book of Job, here is a talk/sermon on it from one of my favorite teachers ( I was totally blown away after listening to him explain this book. Hope it is as helpful to you as it was to me.



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