Healthcare Costs

Being a finance nerd, how else would I spend my time off? Analyzing my healthcare costs with pivot table. Here are the breakdown of costs since my cancer diagnosis

ProcedureTotal CostPatient Cost
Exam & Scan $         98,359.55 $               9,514.39
Medications $         34,032.02 $                  333.28
Dr Visit $           2.917.61 $                  1546.07
Bloodwork $              641.91 $                    18.59
Immunizations $                      –   $                          –  
Grand Total $       135,951.09 $            11,484.83
As of Dec 2020

As you can see, the cost of medical care in America is ridiculous. These procedures-to-date mostly cover diagnostic scans and exams; Cancer drugs are roughly $13K/mo so the medication number will increase substantially over time. Without insurance, the “sticker price” of the medical costs would be $135K. Even with really great benefits, wide in-network coverage, and $0 deductible, my patient cost (co-pays, co-insurance) still comes out to be over $10K.

I think about how many people would not be able to afford medical care, especially during this time of high unemployment, uninsured/underinsured workers and stay-at-home orders. I’m fortunate that I have the means to be able to seek treatment. It’s sad that Americans have to make the difficult choice between getting critical diagnostic biopsy and life-saving treatments with basic living expenses or avoiding a lifetime of medical debt. There has to be a better way – healthcare reform would help everybody regardless of age, race or income level.

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