Bone Biopsy Results

The bone biopsy results scan came back. The biopsy of my Left Ilium confirmed the spread and showed the cells were the same profile: Estrogen+, Progesterone+, HER2-. The treatment plan will be starting with various targeted therapies, anti-hormone and CDK-inhibitors. Although this treatment won’t be as draining as chemo, next week will likely be last full week of work and I’ll taper off my responsibilities. I’ll meet with the onc next week (in person) to talk through exactly which meds I’ll be taking and start my first round treatments within the next week.

2 thoughts on “Bone Biopsy Results

  1. Some podcast recommendations! I use as RSS Feed app on my phone so I don’t have to bother with iTunes or a desktop computer.

    *Ask Me Another – silly games, friendly hosts, love the music round/fact bag/this,that,or the other.
    *Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me – current news, so best to listen to in a timely manner

    Behavorial Economics:
    *Freakanomics – the first few years were really the best. I should go back and re-listen to those…
    *Hidden Brain – a little slower / more drawn out stories to showcase the topic, but I still do listen to all of them.

    General Interest:
    *Stuff You Should Know – just pick topics you like, start from earlier episodes to get to know Josh and Chuck. They stink at science but I still love these dudes. Could listen to them ramble about anything. But then again, they tend to be my “bike ride” podcast, so it doesn’t matter if I tune out.

    *A Way With Words – so cute! Two dictionary editors take questions from callers and share nerdy learnings about etymology and current word usage.

    *The Moth – i gave up on this one after my first listen because I had chosen an episode with stories that I didn’t latch onto, but was so glad I tried it again. Live storytelling on stage. Short stories, like 2-10 minutes each. Very connected to real life and told by (mostly) normal people (read: not professionals nor celebrities).

    I shall call you later this week to check in. I’m glad you are wrapping everything up at work so you can focus on building new routines for this next phase. We’ll be here for you!


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