CT Bone Biopsy Pre-Op Work

There is a bunch of pre-op work needed for the CT Bone Biopsy. Cedar’s hospital policy requires COVID testing for all anesthesia procedures, so I went first thing on Tuesday morning for the drive-thru COVID test. The nasal swab is as unpleasant as you’d expect. No news is good news – I’ll only get a call if I tested positive for COVID. Good news – I didn’t get a call, so I’m assuming that I am COVID-free. Needed to get various lab work: PTT, bloodwork, other stuff that I got on Wed morning. Last thing will be fasting (food and water) 8 hours prior to the biopsy – I’ve been drinking plenty of water since Wed to stay hydrated for the procedure. Now I have to try and sleep early to arrive at Cedar’s at 6:30am tomorrow. Night!

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