PET Scan Results

The PET scan came back with concerning results that the cancer has already spread to several bones: Left 6th rib (back), Right 3rd rib (front) and Left Ilium. This would now mean that my cancer staging automatically becomes Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. I’ll have a bone biopsy to test the cells to determine if they are also Estrogen+ and HER2-. I’ll get a call on Monday to get the biopsy scheduled. This procedure will require sedation, so I’ll need ride for this one. My oncologist will then adjust and review the new treatment plan with me when I get the biopsy results back.

One thought on “PET Scan Results

  1. First: You are loved, Winnie.

    Second: This is obviously not the news we were all hoping for. The new treatment plan starts today, in the heart and the mind! We’ll get to the breast, rib, and ilium, soon.

    Third: Call me at any time, and be on the lookout for care packages over time.


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