Monthly Review: Mar 2021

Answered Prayers & Praises

  • 1st Post-Treatment PET Scan – 3/22
  • Family Vaccines: Parents and Sister fully vaccinated – 3/24
  • Visible Breast Tumor Shrinkage Confirmed with PET Scan. SUV (standardized uptake value) reduced from 20 to 4. No visible spots in bones or lymph nodes – 3/31
  • Reading the Word via Bible Project app – 3/31
  • No side effects-to-date – 3/31

Prayer Requests for April

  • Saddened to hear about Catherine’s tragic accident – an energetic, generous and loving sister in Christ. She was one of the first people I spoke to about my diagnosis, as she’d gone through similar treatments and kindly offered her time and listening ear. Pray for her family during this time
  • PET Scan came back with some activity in liver area and have Abdominal CT Scan with Contrast in April scheduled to check it out
  • Low Vitamin D & Calcium – Pray for supplements to bring back to healthy range

Recommendations on what to read, watch, learn or do next? Any of the stuff I’ve done this month interesting? Reach out and we can chat.

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