Monthly Review: Jul 2021

Praises & Highlights

  • Monthly Injection – 7/1
  • Monthly Prayer Meeting – 7/12
  • Chiropractor: inflammation much better. Next working on scar tissue – 7/21
  • Start working from office – 1-2 days per week – 7/26
  • Abdominal MRI: scan to confirm the clean abdominal CT scan from April – 7/29
  • Company Wellness – Extra Long July 4th Holiday 7/2-7/5 + Summer Fridays (4 hrs)
  • Reading the Word via Bible Project app – 7/31
  • Minimal side effects-to-date – 7/31

Prayer Requests for August

  • Low Vitamin D & Calcium – Pray for supplements to bring back to healthy range
  • Left Wrist Pain – De Quervain’s tenosynovitis – Weekly Chiropractor Visit to help with inflammation and breaking up scar tissue. Pray for full recovery
  • MRI Results in August. Pray for clean scan

Recommendations on what to read, watch, learn or do next? If anything I’ve read or watched is interesting, or want to learn more about my journey, please reach out and we can chat.

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