And so it begins…

My work life at Liquid IV this past year has been immensely hectic and stressful, but ultimately culminates in its successful acquisition by Unilever. October 1st marks the day of immense change and the beginning of facing the reality of my new life. I’ve been putting my life and diagnosis on hold waiting for the close of this acquisition and the start of better benefits that I’ll share about later. And so begins my journey of fighting and dealing with cancer.

I’m taking this time to prepare all aspects of my life to drastically change:

  • Personally reaching out to friends and family, many I haven’t connected with for awhile, especially through COVID season, to update them about my news (probably why you’re here now)
  • Setting up network of prayer and support partners.
  • Seeking guidance from those who have gone through treatments
  • Earlier during COVID quarantine, I finally got around to creating my website so now I’ll be using it as a way to share updates, requests and schedule. I learned how to embed Google Calendar
  • Preparing my Master Bedroom for my parents to stay with me for duration of my treatment
  • Hired lovely new cleaning lady to come over once a month to keep my place tidy and sanitized
  • Consultations Galore – so many appointments with surgeons, oncologists, genetic counselors, nutritionists… I’ve never seen so many doctors in my life. At least I’ll be well informed
  • Sharing with important work colleagues to prepare for the time when I’ll be out of the office for treatments – making plans for potential long-term absence

I don’t know what this season will bring or what God will do in my life, but I’ll share my journey here.

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